Recently we launched our first baby step towards improving the current mobile experience for BBC Radio and Music.

Visit on a phone and you get the following landing page:

When we started off this project we had lot’s of ideas, requirements and features. We considered a number of different options for how we could design the interface. But many seemed to complicate what needed to be quick and easy access to content.

The hardest thing to do in any project is to take things away. But that’s exactly what the team did, through our conversations about what was important for the audience we decided to remove bits and pieces from the interface until we arrived at what you see now in your mobile browser.

To communicate our thinking to the wider team and stakeholders, Nick Ritchie (a designer on the team) created this prototype:

It’s lo-fi but a great way to try out ideas quickly and gauge audience reactions. Over time we will look at how we can enhance the mobile experience adding new features gradually and this way of prototyping is going to help us keep the interface intuitive and simple.